OGC-4001 3G/HD/SD-SDI Reclocking Distribution Amplifer

The OGC-4001 is a 3G/HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier capable of equalizing and reclocking all common serial digital signals. With support for both standard and high-definition signals, the OGC-4001 is the ideal universal SDI distribution amplifier.


The OGC-4001 equalizes the incoming SDI signal, compensating for greater than 300m of cable at 270Mb/s, greater than 120m of cable at 1.485Gb/s, and greater than 80m of cable at 2.97Gb/s. The signal is then reclocked with automatic rate detection for all popular data rates. LED indicators at the front of the card identify the presence of incoming video and the identified signal data rate.


The R2S-4001 high density split rear module can accommodate up to 2 OGC-4001 cards, each configured as a 1x4 DA. When used in a 1x4 configuration, the OGC-4001 outputs are non-inverting, making it an excellent ASI distribution amplifier

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