The NLX-11 from Census Digital provides a cost effective miniature solution to demux four AES/EBU digital audio signals from a 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal.


The NLX-11 accepts one SDI signal and provides one reclocked SDI output on BNC connectors. The four DIP switch assignable AES/EBU outputs are also provided on BNC connectors.


A dual color LED indicator provides SDI signal status indication. A green LED indicates the unit is locked to a valid SDI signal while a red LED indicates a valid SDI signal is not present at the input.


When illuminated green the four LED's labelled G1,G2,G3,G4 indicate that AES/EBU audio is detected in those groups and is available to be demuxed. If the LED is not illuminated this indicates that audio is not present in the respective group.


Power to the NLX-11 is provided by an external AC Adapter with locking DC connector supplied with the module.

NLX-11 3G/HD/SD-SDI 4 AES/EBU Demultiplexer

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