NLX-19 1x8/2x4 Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier 60 Ohm

The NLX-19 is an analog audio distribution amplifier designed for broadcast use. It provides up to 8 copies of the incoming balanced analog audio signal on pluggable terminal block connectors.


The NLX-19 has 2 modes of operation either as a mono 1 input 8 output or 2 input 4 output stereo distribution amplifier.


The NLX-19 has 2 inputs on 3 pin terminal blocks each with an input trim control potentiometer for signal calibration.  The outputs on the NLX-19 are on 5 pin terminal blocks.


An LED located on the front panel is illuminated green when the NLX-19 is powered.


The NLX-19 has a rugged solid steel powder coated chassis and is powered by an external AC adapter with a locking DC connector supplied with the module.

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